Spring Cleaning

Hello Healthy Friends!

Since it is spring time, many of us do a “spring” cleaning of our homes, cleaning out closets, preparing the yard for gardening, maybe splash some new paint in a few rooms, etc.  Spring makes me feel ready to make some healthy changes for myself as well.

Cleaning up my diet and increasing physical activity are on the list but, also managing my stress.

In April 1992, observation of National Stress Awareness Month was created!

Everyone can relate to stress, our family’s stress, our friend’s stress and, if you are in healthcare, our patient’s/client’s stress.

We encounter stress in many forms from work deadlines, traffic and relationships.  Constant stress can take a toll on your health if it’s not managed.  It is recommended to take time to lessen stress.  The following are five suggestions to de-stress from our modern stress-filled lives.  Take some time for yourself.  You will be glad you did.

  1. Stay positive – Laughter is truly the best medicine and actually lowers levels of stress hormones, reduces inflammation in the arteries and increases “good” HDL cholesterol.
  2. Meditate – The practice of concentrating on focused thought and deep breathing has been proven to reduce heart disease risk factors such as high blood pressure. Yoga and prayer can also relax the mind and body.
  3. Exercise – When you are physically active, whether you play tennis, take a walk, swim or bike, your body releases chemicals in the brain called endorphins. Exercise not only helps to reduce stress, it helps protect against heart disease by lowering blood pressure, strengthening the heart muscle and helping to maintain a healthier weight.
  4. Unplug – In order to reduce stress you must escape from the world even if it is only for 15 minutes each day. Unplug from electronics, social media, emails, TV and the news.
  5. Find ways to lower stress – Find simple things you enjoy such as a warm bath, spending time on a hobby, or even just listening to your favorite music. These simple pleasures provide a break from life’s daily stressors.

Take time for yourself.  You will feel more relaxed and be ready to handle each day!

As always, be well!


Sherry Jenko, NDTR, Wellness Coach